The story of Akademska rakija is a story of friendship and tradition. Written by two friends who wanted to save their heritage.
We use our family’s traditional recipe to create premium quality brandy.









Golden Quince, our first premium product, is characterized by a perfectly balanced taste and aroma that will awaken all of your senses. Golden quince has a refreshing scent of the quince fruit with hints of nutmeg and vanilla, while having aged at least 3 years in an oak barrel gives it fullness and a barrique taste. The 23-carat gold leaves and the elegant box make it the perfect gift that everyone would want. Commercial drinks are for every day, but Golden Quince is a top quality brandy for special occasions.


Golden Plum is our second premium product, created with a careful selection of the highest quality plum fruits of our domestic varieties. It is a brandy that is at least three years old, after it is bottled with the addition of 23-carat gold leaves. Golden plum is a blend of varieties: Požegača, Čačanska rodna, Čačanska lepotica and autochthonous variety Moravka. It is characterized by its intense barrique taste and aroma with hints of vanilla and prunes, which is attributed to the process of aging in an oak barrel.

QUINCE or dunjevača

Dunjevača is rakija made from quince. To make Dunjevača we use Serbian autochthonous varieties of quince: Leskovackas’ quince from the slopes of Fruška Gora. It comes in two variations – the first one has a mild, refreshing aroma and the second Barrique quince aged in oak barrels has a nutmeg breeze and a vanilla hum. The finish is smoky, yet sweet.

Plum or Šljivovica

Šljivovica is rakija made from plum. There is not much to talk about Šljivovica from this area, the quality speaks for itself. Barrique plum is a blend of autochthonous varieties from the area of central Serbia: Moravka, Čačanska rodna, Čačanska lepotica, and Pozegača. It has a delightfully sweet & creamy mouth feel with hints of mocha & vanilla.

Apricot or Kajsijevača

Kajsijevača is rakija made from apricot. Kajsijevača is recognized by its phenomenal fruit scent and the finest aroma that awakens all the senses of each individual. This unique blend was created by the blend of Apricot varieties: Hungary’s best apricot and Kecskemét rose, and no one can remain indifferent to this refreshing aroma.


Yes, pineapple.

An experiment from our distillery that is perhaps the most interesting to the ladies because of its aroma and mild taste. The limited-edition comes in 0.2l bottles, ideal for those who are just entering the brandy world and those who want to try something different.